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Khalid’s single “Talk” was the first official track released from his upcoming sophomore album. (that’s still untitled) set to arrive next month in April. The Disclosure-produced tune is a chill one that’s complimentary to Khalid’s vocals and the video that was released today adds more life to the song with its loud pops of colour. Talk music video by Khalid is what this week needs.

In the video, Khalid lounges in different rooms singing his sweet-sweet tunes to the camera while different dancers show off their moves. The Talk music video by Khalid is way colorful and seems feminist.

Khalid Talk song video.

“I feel like the perfect pop song for me doesn’t fit into any genre.

It is what it is. It’s a feeling, it’s a mood, it’s a moment, it’s whatever I was going through that makes me feel great”. Khalid previously stated when discussing how he crafts the perfect pop song.

“Or that makes me want to feel great. It’s all about feelings. I love my feelings and I love accepting my feelings, I love finding out about my feelings. I love hearing other people’s feelings. If I have that, or if I did that, if I did that by the end of the three minutes, then that’s all I care about.”

Checkout Khalid Talk Music video below and let us know what you think bout it!

video Khalid Talk download.

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