Blueface Thotiana Remix ft YG mp3 download


Blueface Thotiana Remix ft YG mp3 download. On January 10th, Blueface sent the Internet into a mild frenzy with a short snippet from the “Thotiana Remix” video shoot – the song was an unknown commodity at the time. The buzz surrounding the remix was particularly unfathomable to Internet geeks unable to put Red and Blue together under a new premise: opposites attract. The “Thotiana” Remix comes to us gift-wrapped by director Cole Bennett, whose Lyrical Lemonade platform is responsible for about a half of Blueface’s song submissions to date. The video goes beyond where its title suggests complacency and ample skin. Bennett’s video concept places Blueface and YG at the scene of a varsity hazing ritual. Inevitably, Blueface chooses the titular quarterback/heartthrob role, leaving YG with little recourse but to fall back into a villainous role yet again. But YG isn’t kicking and screaming. With the roles reversed, everything would…