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Lizzo Juice – There’s always a lane reserved for retro-tinted spinsters like Lizzo on the scene. But don’t let the retro-fitted tropes fool you into thinking Lizzo is nothing more than a novelty act. If you’ve heard the influence of Prince sput up in her music, that’s because she too hails from Minneapolis, the breeding ground for Funk in the NorthEast.

“Minny” wasn’t touted a funky minefield before Prince left his mark. After setting local club circuit ablaze – Prince took his borderless vision to new horizons, leaving sediments on the ground for future generations to pick apart.

In her music video for “Juice,” Lizzo conjures up images of old – specifically those concerned with preserving the funky minefield in “Minny” for years to come. The Quinn Wilson-directed video is conceptually centered around an 80s fitness video. Lizzo closes the video and song by taking the stage with swan-song harmonists in matching outfits. Familiarize yourself fast, “Juice” is about to blow.

Quotable Lyrics:

No, I’m not a snack at all
Look, baby, I’m the whole damn meal
Baby, you ain’t bein’ slick
Don’t dare try to cop a feel
The juice ain’t worth the squeeze
If the juice don’t look like this
Hold up, n***a, please
Don’t make me have to take your bitch.

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