MP3: Meek Mill – Splash Warning Ft. Future, Young Thug & Roddy Ricch

MP3: Meek Mill - Splash Warning Ft. Future, Young Thug & Roddy Ricch

Meek Mill Splash Warning Ft. Future, Young Thug & Roddy Ricch mp3 download


Meek’s new album Championships is among other things, an exhibition where he shows off his versatility. What the album lacks in a consistent content strategy, it makes up for in confidence, mostly in the people Meek Mill trusts to ride his coattails.

On that note, “Splash Waterfall” is creative runaround to the luxury rap template, one that borrows from Future’s playful banter on “King’s Dead” to a lesser extent. The gambit pays off – Meek Mill and his contributors Roddy Ricch, Future, and Young Thug use gentler sounds (Yoo-hoo, Woo, and Hoo-Hoo) to pick apart their wealth, helping to improve their “object of perception” in the likelihood that other rappers play with the same toys. Something’s got to set them apart?

Meek Mill’s Championship-run was destined to succeed because it was built on a tale of adversity. Although “Splash Waterfall” doesn’t hit you the same way “Trauma” does in the opening measures, his collab with Roddy Ricch, Future, and Young Thug/tag/Young-thug demonstrates a shapeless that does him wonders – above all else, it shows us that Meek Mill is rooted in three commercial lanes: personal spirituality, the street life, and of course, his new obsequious political voice, the latter showing up on CNN moreso than in his music.

Quotable Lyrics:

Chocolate bitch, Yoo-Hoo
Chopper stick, two two
Threes lift your tutu
Please, you ain’t cool cool
Run up on me, you lose
Hustle like I’m Nipsey
My bitch look like NuNu.

Meek Mill



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    great listen to more @

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