Recent Song: Dave – Location Ft Burna Boy

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Dave Location Ft Burna Boy mp3 download.

Dave’s pleasing musical ways rival only AJ Tracey in terms of well-roundedness in the UK scene – both stemming from a hardline background in Grime. Dave, in particular, likens himself to the type of individual who spends his lunch hour talking up a female while the hoods grimace in the corner. Except for Dave, the hoods welcome him back to his rightful place in corner on account of hours banked with the fellas. After Burna’s Dangote, He is off on another track with his face titled “Location“.

Burna Boy Location mp3 download.

On “Dave Location mp3 download” off his new Psychodrama project, Dave gives himself a toast befitting of a seduction expert, his record on full-display. He isn’t alone in making such claims. Riding the chorus and the 3rd verse to his own, reigning Afrobeats’ superstar Burna Boy chimes in as Dave’s classy counterpart.

The 3rd verse, in particular, evokes memories of the subject Burna Boy covered on 2015’s “Ring Ring” off his sophomore album On a Spaceship. Together they offer “coolness” as the main facet to their art of seduction. Couple that with lush production from JAE5, altogether leaning towards Burna Boy’s preferred center of gravity: an Afrobeats that turns vile in the hands. But not in JAE5 or Burna Boy’s hands, and certainly not with Santan Dave looming heavily n the plans.

Quotable Lyrics:

Bad ratio, I leave the party
Three Somalis creepin’ on me
Your ex wavy, we tsunami
Girl from India, sweet as naani
Head so good, now I speak Gujarati.

Burna Boy Location mp3 download.

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