Recent Release: YBN Almighty Jay – Let Me Breathe [mp3 download]

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YBN Almighty Jay Let Me Breathe mp3 download.

Ever since he burst onto the scene, YBN Almighty Jay has been a target for many media outlets and haters to take aim at. The criticism has absolutely been undeserved at times but, after attaching yourself to Blac Chyna. It was pretty much guaranteed to happen. This week, the rapper saw his name in the headlines again after he was reportedly mugged in New York. Getting robbed of his chain and leaving with a huge cut on his face.

Almighty Jay has been silent on the incident since it was reported but now, he’s breaking his silence in a brand new music video called “Let Me Breathe.”

YBN Almighty Jay Let Me Breathe zippyshare.

Of course, his scar is on full display in the clip, which scrolls through some of the articles that have been written about him in the past. Jay speaks about being a father at the age of nineteen, reminding everybody of the pressures he’s had to deal with on a daily basis. He also speaks on the recent robbery, his relationship with Blac Chyna and more. YBN Almighty Jay Let Me Breathe mp3 download.

Honestly, this is the realest we’ve heard YBN Almighty Jay be on a track. He’s at his most vulnerable right now and he decided to address the masses with a new song. Props to him.

Let Me Breathe YBN Almighty Jay download. What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

What would you do if you was me?
Don’t know what I go through just to get to where I wanna be
You don’t got n***as plotting on you, tryna rob you at the beach
I can’t even wear my jewelry if I wanna cross the street

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