Newest Song: Dax “I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q” mp3 download

Dax I'm Not Joyner Or Don Q mp3 download -

Dax I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q mp3 download.

So far, Tory Lanez has acceded to all-comers in the open gauntlet challenge for sole ownership of the “Best Rapper Alive” mantle. Even with Joyner Lucas, Don Q, and Dream Doll nipping at his heels, Tory Lanez has come away unscathed thus far but has yet to respond to the latest threat posed by Dax, a fellow Canadian rapper. Dax I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q mp3 download.

On “I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q,” Dax becomes the architect of his own destiny by pulling Tory Lanez into the mix. While both rappers are both from the same Canadian province of Ontario, the buck stops there. Dax I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q zip.

Tory Lanez is from Toronto, Dax the nation’s capital Ottawa, and the diss record doesn’t make too many personal allusions, even though it does reference Don Q and Joyner Lucas in its title. Out of name-calling, we’ve seen a window of opportunity open up for an indeterminate amount of time: Dax could be on his way up sometime soon.

Dax I’m Not Joyner Or Don Q mp3 download.

Quotable Lyrics:

Dear Tory Lanez
I love you dog
We from the same country
I didn’t mean to do this to you
But you asked for it
And Dax always delivers
This is a sport
It’s your move

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