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XXXTentacion has often been praised by fans for his versatility. Across the young rapper’s brief career, he dabbled in ballads, emo-tinged music, nineties boom-bap, aggressive sounds verging on post-hardcore, and occasional forays into the realm of folk-rap. Such an eclectic variety allowed for a wide range of fans, many of whom became enamored with his journey. Sadly, X was murdered in June of 2018, leaving behind the blueprints for a then-unfinished album called Skins.

Today, the project has been released, and while it’s unclear whether it would have been as X intended, it’s a welcome gift for his fanbase nevertheless. Brief as the album may be, there are many notable highlights nonetheless. “Woah (mind in awe)” strikes all the right chords; melodic whimsy, a vaguely pretentious “bracket title,” lyrics delivered with the perfect amount of “mumble.” Not to mention, it feels like the track with the most notable structure, which sets it apart from the album’s stream-of-consciousness approach.

Check out “woah” now, and sound off below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Won’t look back on my mom
Won’t let back I must shine
Won’t let you cloud my mind
Won’t let you cloud my mind
All my days, I was cryin’
All my lows all my highs
Told my Mom, “I’m gon’ shine”
To my love, “I’m gon’…”

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1 Comment

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