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Smokepurpp can be considered one of the founding fathers of SoundCloud rap. Whether you love him or you hate him, he deserves his respect in that aspect. A sound that’s been wildly popular for the last few years was brought to the forefront by artists like Smokepurpp and now, he’s using that to his advantage and now he’s telling us “BUT I STILL RESPECT WOMEN“. With his platform, he’s been able to do some good with his new Purppavis brand. He’s also stuck up for his homies throughout it all, supporting Lil Pump’s journey to the top. The Florida rapper is currently preparing his next project Deadstar 2, which is nearing release, but he wanted to give the fans something quick before then.

This is exactly how we want to hear Purpp.

There is no silly business going on here, just a quick flow as he spits for two minutes straight. His fans seem impressed too as they’ve been sliding into the comments to praise him for this effort. Of course, the lyrical content is nothing to marvel over but we don’t expect anything political or revolutionary from Purpp. Most of his bars have to do with his lady partner participating in sexual acts with him but don’t take it the wrong way. In the title, he wants everyone to remember that he’s still all about respecting women, as we should all be.

Deadstar 2 is currently being perfected as per Purpp’s socials. What do you think of this latest track?

Quotable Lyrics:

I know I’m a target
I could buy a Target
Whole garage full of Dracos, they think I’m a sergeant

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