MP3: Shoreline Mafia – Pressure Ft. Ohgeesy & Fenix Flexin

Pressure -

Shoreline Mafia Feat. Ohgeesy & Fenix Flexin


Shoreline Mafia – Pressure Ft. Ohgeesy & Fenix Flexin mp3 download

California rap group Shoreline Mafia recently released a new Christmas inspired album, OTXmas. The group, made up of members Ohgeesy, Rob Vicious, Fenix and Master Kato, approached the concept of a holiday album in an unorthodox fashion —a decision that will delight current and new fans of the conglomerate as their distinct, magnetic style has not been compromised.

Pressure,” is essentially a reminder to the Shoreline Mafia’s critics and doubters. The bass-heavy track details the group’s newfound financial success cementing their status and skill using witty lyrics and a flow reminiscent of “Bands“, one the Mafia’s most popular songs. “A lot of n*ggas be sugarcoating, saying shit, talking about shit in rhymes they don’t even do, they don’t even live,” Master Kato told Fader. “We don’t even cap. Everything we talk about, all that shit is real. The background noise in the song––that shit real.” Kato and Rob Vicious went on to tell the publication that despite the volatile, ever-changing industry and each group member’s respective talents, they couldn’t imagine making music without one another. “I like writing music about my life, but I’m not focused on going solo,” Rob revealed. “This is my family. I fuck with these niggas. I love these niggas.”

Quotable Lyrics:

I put the press on these n*ggas
Used to sell the press to these n*ggas, man
I don’t dress like these n*ggas, man
That’s your ho? Why she naked on my n*ggas, man?
Look, I’m gettin’ paid like twenty or better
She wanna f*ck on me just ’cause I get her wetter
Screamin’ out, “Stop it,” baby girl, I ain’t gon’ let it
I’m screamin’ out, “Free my n*ggas,” free that young n*gga Ketchup

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