MP3: Meek Mill – Tic Tac Toe Ft. Kodak Black

MP3: Meek Mill - Tic Tac Toe Ft. Kodak Black

Meek Mill Tic Tac Toe Ft. Kodak Black mp3 download

The title says it all: Meek Mill touches down with another rapper whose testy relationship with the Feds, rivals his own. We’re talking about Kodak Black. But let’s clear; where Meek Mill sees a door handle, Kodak sees a flat surface for a windmill kick. The styles they “enable” couldn’t be any different on “Tic Tac Toe” but that’s essentially what makes it “tick,” no less than your usual street banger.

On “Tic Tac Toe” as he does throughout his comeback album, Meek Mill does a good job of mixing the elements, the ones that won his fans over in the first place, and the emergence of calming demeanor. Even though it’s his duet with Drake that signals the end of their residual staredown, it’s his allusion to “Back to Back” in “Tic Tac Toe’s” introductory verse that drives the sentiment home. It’s Meek Mill’s subtle application of the words “Back to Back,” in a subverted manner, finally convinces us the trauma is under control.

Quotable Lyrics:

New bih ass too fat
Put a price tag on that
No, I’m not cuffin’ these thots
You ain’t gotta ask me that
I be tryna run up this guap
N***a, you can have ’em back
Two big boy Rolls Royces
And we goin’ back to back, huhhh.

-Meek Mill

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1 Comment

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