MP3: Jacquees – You (Remix) Ft. Blueface

You (Remix) -

Jacquees You (Remix) Ft. Blueface mp3 download

Blueface fever continues it wanton spread through North America, affecting children of all ages, as well as industry types and artists. Of course, the off-kilter blend of beat-skippin’ flow and bizarre humor has endeared the west-coast rapper to his growing fanbase, and perhaps rightfully so. Every so often, the people will raise a new champion, and their criteria often wanes with every passing trend. Yet Blueface continues to establish himself as a viable collaborator, with Drake, YG, and now Jacquees enlisting his talents.

The song in question is a remix to “You,” which finds Blueface like we’ve never heard him before. A veritable romantic on wax, the autotune laden “crooner” reflects on taking remedial steps in a relationship, a direct contradiction to his earlier “why work for the pussy when I can get a nut with my hand” lyric. Who says a man can’t change. Peep the single now, and sound off on whether you want Blueface remixes to become a mainstay.

Quotable Lyrics:
2 A.M, tryna pull up on a late night
Last time that we talked, it went left
Had to pull up just to make right
Benz coupe goin’ zoom-zoom
I’m runnin’ through all the red lights
Tryin’ to get to you
When we vibin’? Said move
I’m getting high, tryin’ to keep my cool
I just want you

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1 Comment

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