MP3: Gucci Mane – Cold Shoulder Feat. NBA Youngboy

MP3: Gucci Mane - Cold Shoulder Feat. NBA Youngboy

Cold Shoulder
Gucci Mane Feat. NBA Youngboy

Gucci Mane – Cold Shoulder Feat. NBA Youngboy mp3 download

At first glance, Evil Genius slots in nicely next to the American horror villains of our time. But for Gucci Mane to assume that position on a full-time basis, he would have to renounce his material possessions, and I don’t see that happening any time soon. On “Cold Shoulder,” he and NBA Youngboy meet in the middle of the same argument.

Although Gucci Mane shows no sign of turning in his punch card, the younger NBA Youngboy is smart to show restraint on certain topics – but in other instances, he shows a type of gumption only a childhood friend would stand for.

On “Cold Shoulder,” NBA raps, “Got a bitch look like Keisha, I call her Billie – You n****s gon’ take it as if you let it.” It’s his way of buddy-ing up with Big Guwop and accounting for the age difference. With Guwop on his side, all triggers of anxiety go out the door. Go check out Evil Genius if you haven’t already, and hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below this write-up.

Quotable Lyrics:

Young and reckless, rich and wealthy
Say health is wealth, that means I’m deadly
That’s why they sweat me, successful black man
With a felony, but what you tellin’ me?
Don’t hire me so I bought the company
Bitch ain’t shit funny, I’m not Bill Bellamy.

-Gucci Mane

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