MP3: Domo Genesis – Consecutive Normal Punches Ft. Buddy

MP3: Domo Genesis - Consecutive Normal Punches Ft. Buddy

Consecutive Normal Punches
Domo Genesis Feat. Buddy

Domo Genesis Consecutive Normal Punches Ft. Buddy mp3 download

Domo Genesis quietly posted one of the best songs I’d heard in a minute. Domo’s “Online” was a curtain call for a rapper often undervalued by association – the Odd Future collective. But like Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis was always his own person, independent from the group, and with that, he bids us a “Welcome Back, I never departed.”

On “Consecutive Normal Punches,” Domo goes for blows with Buddy, the Compton rapper that just finished bearing his soul on his big league debut. Much like Domo, Buddy greatly benefitted from a higher-learning program, opting out once the “gift of music” become to BIG to ignore. And yes, the interlibrary loan system covers the walkway between Inglewood and Compton without interruption, in so far as Domo and Buddy are willing to take “higher-learning” into the next frontier of West Coast rap.

Consecutive Normal Punches” drops tomorrow along with lead single “Online” and notable contributions from Cozz, Chip tha Ripper, and IDK. Prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised by Facade Records coming to a streaming store near you.

Quotable Lyrics:

Might ride to the finish like the sky ain’t the limit.
I don’t even ride with the ceiling,
Blood red eyes – feeling like divine intervention, on God.


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