MP3: Cormega – Real Ones

MP3: Cormega - Real Ones

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Cormega is proud to bear the evolution of his values, which were born out of instinct. The Brooklyn-born rapper has seen a fair share of doors close in his face, often times from the unlikeliest of sources, your close friends. But Cormega has learned to keep business and pleasure separate at all costs. His new single “Real Ones” is a work of substance that couldn’t have written prior to his current position. He spoke of the song‘s underlying theme on Twitter, shortly after dropping the song to the masses. “The people have spoken the ones who ain’t people ain’t saying nothing.” he explained. “See how that works?”

Cormega’s come up will always be intrisically tied to Nas and the particular point in time where both men were still in their “building” phase. Nas was trying to prove he wasn’t a one-time wonder in the eyes of many, whereas Cormega was simply trying to hit his stride. Everything was perfectly harmonized until a business left one person on the outside looking in, the other with a bitter pill to swallow. If my memory serves me right, Cormega was unceremoniously ousted from Nas’ rap supergroup “The Firm” with the Bravehearts’ Nature as his replacement, and consequently, their relationship was never the same. It would take years for Cormega to turn a new leaf, but he and Nas eventually made nice behind closed doors. “Real Ones” is undoubtedly a byproduct of experiences as such, where Cormega was forced to see ugly side in human interaction. Check out “Real Ones” and comment below.

Quotable Lyrics:

What you ever gave me?
All of a sudden I don’t hear nothing
You in your feelings, I don’t feel nothing.

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