MP3: Chanel Slides – Dreezy Ft. Kash Doll

Chanel Slides -

Kash Doll partner’s with Dreezy on Chanel Slides

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dreezy, but the slept-on lyricist continues to prove her value. Of course, we’re still waiting for her to drop off the follow-up for No Hard Feelings, though it stands to reason she’s been biding her time. Of course, it’s been made abundantly clear that Dreezy has bars, but now she’s proving yet another theory: they are indeed contagious. Though Kash Doll has been known to come through, it would appear that she’s stepped it up to match Dreezy’s intensity, turning in her strongest flow in a minute.

True, both women set their eyes on the materialistic goodies, including the titular Chanel slides. While such topics often feel played out, Dreezy’s lavish persona feels like an added layer to her already established character. In that sense, it’s refreshing to hear her flex, asserting herself as one of the game’s bosses. Peep the single now, and look out for 2019 to deliver new music from both parties.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’ma pull up in the Masi, me and the whip got a body
The shit I don’t need a colonic, I count up a cheque in a bonnet
Kehlani I got a tsunami, put it on him when he get a new line in
All this drip need no stylist, hellcat pussy, low mileage

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