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Blueface’s origin story is bound to split hairs. On appearances alone, he comes across as a Tekashi-hybrid clone generated by the higher command. His naysayers will stop at nothing to point out how often he “raps offbeat,” so much that it’s become a work tagline every step of the way. But on “Bleed It,” his latest video single, Blueface proves to his doubters that he can rap on-beat – by lowering the bar so low, the LA rapper has in some way, given himself a reasonable “in” to hit back at the haters, and on some level, improve his craft.

The video for “Bleed It” directed by Cole Bennett goes as follows. Blueface, wearing a mid-2000s Lebron jersey, jumps out of his luxury car to commit a homicide, only to join his ‘mates for a clumsy cryp-walk shortly thereafter. Belieb it or not, Blueface has base support in the event his latest single doesn’t register with the “it crowd.” Tell us what you think of “Bleed It” and what you’ve seen from him thus far.

Quotable Lyrics:

Pull up on your block, then I bleed it
Slidin’, if I don’t drop somethin’, I can’t leave it
Walk out this pole, but this Tech got him leanin’
Never let the beef get cold, where the meat at?

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