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Hungry Hippo Remix -

Aminé Hungry Hippo Remix mp3 download

Aminé has been doing his thing for a minute, still enjoying the success of last year’s OnePointFive. The rapper’s touch for levity has helped elevate his charisma to a respectable and distinctive level, surpassing many peers in that regard. Yet the Portland artist’s craft never suffers as a result, as artistry remains an important foundational element in his toolkit. Case in point, the latest instance of “real recognize real,” in which Aminé pays homage to another brilliant newcomer, Tierra Whack, with a remix of her “Hungry Hippo” track.


he opts to remove percussion entirely, his flow keeps enough momentum to retain interest. “My n***a why you fuckin’ your commas up?” he raps. “Spending a grand on lunch, you gon’ be broke with that kind of stuff.” He proceeds to shine a spotlight on the dangers of “LA Living,” and the hazards it may or may not pose to one’s health. Considering the general brevity of the drop, it’s impressive how much content Aminé can deliver.

Quotable Lyrics:

My n***a why you
Fucking your commas up?
Spending a grand on lunch
You gonna be broke with that kinda stuff
You ain’t even bought your mama shit
But you gotta spend cause you wanna look rich
This LA living got you changing
You out here shining on these n***as like you stainless
You out here ballin on these n***as, Calvin Cambridge

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1 Comment

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