Mac Miller’s “Dunno” Gets A Stunning Acoustic Rendition

Mac Miller – Dunno zip download

Mac Miller‘s talents extend beyond the lyrical; in short, the rapper was a visionary of sorts. Though such statements can tend to feel hyperbolic, one must consider the scope of Mac’s musical capabilities. Not only was he a formidable and versatile lyricist, but the man possessed an aptitude for instrumentation, one that set him apart from the majority of his peers. The guitar, bass, and piano were only part of his arsenal. Mac also possessed a unique singing voice, imbued with a charming, though rough-around-the-edges, sense of vulnerability. Today, the scope of his range is on display with his recent Spotify Singles, one of which highlights the Swimming standout “Dunno.

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“Dunno” was a personal favorite, largely in part for its wistful, nostalgic sense of whimsy. Here, the original’s atmospheric arrangement seamlessly transforms into a heartwrenching acoustic rendition, with focus on Mac’s voice and the piano. The stripped-down variation allows Mac’s lyrics to shine, harkening back to good times blurred, though not destroyed, by hindsight. “Wouldn’t you rather get along?” he pleads. “Wouldn’t you rather get along?”

Take a listen now, and revisit our Swimming review here. Rest in peace Mac Miller.

Quotable Lyrics

She do whatever she like
And that just don’t seem right, yeah
Make people so mad, yeah
And they want her so bad, hm, well
We was fuckin’, almost missed my flight
I wasn’t even trippin’, I said it’s all right, yeah
Goddamn, we was hit last night
Wouldn’t you rather get along? Wouldn’t you rather get along?

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