Latest Track: Soulja Boy – Intro (audio)

Soulja Boy Intro mp3 download -

Soulja Boy Intro mp3 download.

Not many artists get a second chance at fame after their hype dies down. However, Soulja Boy is an exception. Over the past few weeks, the SODMG head honcho reminded everyone how influential he is. Thankfully, he’s not using this moment to promote a reality show but rather, get his musical career back on track. The rapper signed a deal with eOne in November after being independent for years. With his recent notoriety, Soulja Boy is gearing up to release a new project and today, he unveils the intro. Soulja Boy Intro mp3 download

Soulja Boy is back with a brand new track that also serves as the intro for his forthcoming project, How Could You Blame Me? The rapper’s forthcoming project is over six months away but clearly, Soulja’s trying to make sure it’s as impactful as possible. Soulja Boy hops on top of a menacing trap beat while flexing his riches, continuing to remind everyone that 2019’s his year and that he had a bigger comeback than Tyga in 2018. Soulja Boy Intro mp3 download

Soulja Boy is back with a vengeance. free download Soulja Boy Intro, Look out for How Could You Blame Me? dropping on July 28th.

Quotable Lyrics:
I got work same color as napkins
Run up on Draco, you know that I’m clappin’
With the bricks, n***a, I could do magic
Whippin’ up work and its lookin’ fantastic

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