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lil durk no label mp3 download -

Lil Durk “No Label” mp3 download.

Signed From The Streets 3, and its predecessors for that matter, showcased Lil Durk‘s talents in a notable way. Now, the Chicago rapper continues to trailblaze forward, dropping off a new single for the streets. Lil Durk No Label mp3 download. “No Label,” which arrives in tandem with Young Dolph’s own recently publicized record label woes, finds Durk in a reflective state. mp3 Lil Durk no label download. While the title may suggest a variety of possible narratives, Durk seems to be addressing a former lover, at least in the song’s opening stanzas. Sadly, the situation went left, and Durk took to the booth to vent accordingly.

“You were an ungrateful lil bitch, I didn’t spend enough?” vents Durk. “Told me you want your ass shots, you wasn’t thick enough?” Sadly, Durk’s own attempts at relationship salvation were met with disloyalty, and thus, we have reached this point of no return. In true Durk fashion, “No Label” brings a refreshing mix of honesty, vulnerability, and a battle-hardened perspective to the table, with a clean melodic quality throughout. “You were kind of mad I hang with murderers,” he reflects, genuinely baffled. Lil Durk No Label mp3 download, Check it out, and sound off below.

Quotable Lyrics:

You were an ungrateful lil bitch, I didn’t spend enough
Told me you want your ass shots cause you ain’t thick enough
I’m in the trenches with the sharks, I don’t have a heart
Some nights I ain’t wanna talk I left you in the dark
You were lurking on the page, you became a narc
You were writing bitches back, that shit went too far

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