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Unshaken – Some tell of a man whose passion for Red Dead Redemption burned so hot, some liken it to the burn of the finest moonshine. That man is, so the story goes, our very own D’Angelo, who frequented the Rockstar offices on a first-name basis. The sheer fiendish nature of his addiction led the Rockstar developers to offer him a tantalizing proposition. After all was said and done, D’Angelo found himself recording a song for the game’s soundtrack, which plays between two Chapter Five missions. Now, weeks after the song was discovered and uploaded, D’Angelo has come through with

an official rendition of the slow-burner in “Unshaken.”

Unshaken is steeped in Wild West flavor, implementing gently plucked nylon-string guitars and a soft baritone voice. As the arrangement expands with additional layers, including a haunting, descending guitar line, D’Angelo’s main vocal line blends with a chorus lush harmonies. It’s truly a masterful piece from the legendary singer, and a testament to his versatility. Should you harbor any love for the Western genre, do yourself a favor and check this one out.

Quotable Lyrics:

Mmm, oh, traveler
What have you seen?
Were there crossroads
Where you been, where you been?
I once was standing tall
Now I feel my back’s against the wall

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