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Bawskee 2 -

Comethazine Bawskee 2 full album download.

Comethazine is riding the wave of a highly successful year in 2018. The rapper built a major buzz for himself on Soundcloud and on other social media platforms before solidifying himself with Bawskee. He announced the follow-up project towards the end of 2018 which was supposed to drop tomorrow. However, the “Bands” rapper surprised fans and blessed fans with Bawskee 2 a few hours early.

Comethazine is back with his brand new project, Bawskee 2. The rapper’s latest project is the follow-up to his August debut, Bawskee. The rapper holds down the 10-track project entirely on his own. However, he did recruit Shoki, Trillogy, Nyambvo, 10fiftyy, B Hunna and more for the project’s production. The rapper explained that the reason he wanted to release Bawskee 2 now is because he wants to maintain the momentum he has.

“Just wanted to keep going with it real quick, let me drop something else,” he told XXL.

Peep his new project below and sound of with your thoughts in the comments.

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